Legal support to individual clients

Our Legal Office has experience resulting from a number of court and administrative proceedings commissioned at the individuals’ clients request, in particular in the following areas::

  • contractual liability:

  1. proceedings on non-performance or improper performance of a contract;
  2. proceedings on compensation claims against insurance companies;
  3. proceedings on payment claims;

  • tort liability:

  1. proceedings on bodily harm;
  2. proceedings on car collisions and accidents;

  • family and child custody law:

  1. separation proceedings;
  2. divorce proceedings;
  3. proceedings on assets division;
  4. proceedings on parental authority exercising;
  5. proceedings on maintenance;

  • law of inheritance:

  1. proceedings on person dead declaration;
  2. proceedings on confirmation of inheritance acquisition;
  3. proceedings on division of the inheritance;

  • law of ownership, use and perpetual usufruct:

  1. proceedings on cancelling joint ownership;
  2. proceedings on declaring acquisitive prescription of a real estate;
  3. proceedings to establish and abolish the easement of the necessary path;
  4. land and mortgage register proceedings.

The Legal Office of Alicja Bień prepares opinions as to whether it is reasonable to initiate or discontinue proceedings, ensure legal substitution in court, and enforcement proceedings as well as in any proceedings before public administration and local government bodies, provides assistance in drawing up contracts and other legal documents.